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Situated on the southern coast of the island, Palma is a versatile destination both as a thriving business city and as a tourist destination over the course of the year. And as any resident will tell you, the wonders that characterise its streets give it a magnetism and an irresistible charm. It’s a sophisticated place that offers a quality of life that is not easily found elsewhere.

And in its old town, in a historical building from the nineteenth century that has been completely refurbished, you will find Palma Suites, a place that appeals to many northern Europeans who want to migrate south during the winter months to enjoy the warmer temperatures of Mallorca. These “Snowbirds”, as we call them, are usually middle-aged couples who want to make the most of every season, and Palma Suites is their ideal home. Here, they enjoy sunny days and spring-like temperatures throughout winter. It is also an ideal destination for active people who enjoy outdoor activities. Palma Suites is a cosmopolitan and functional destination located in the very heart of the city.

Many of our guests choose to make our suites their second residence because, they claim, this offers an unbeatable, carefree alternative to owning, maintaining and paying for the up-keep of a purchased or rented flat or house in Mallorca.

Not speaking the local language is a common obstacle when relocating abroad. At Palma Suites, you needn’t worry. A key advantage is that our friendly and professional reception staff is also multilingual and will help you with whatever you need, in whatever language – Swedish, English, Spanish or German.

We go the extra mile to give you a personalised experience and to make you feel at home.

In addition, Palma Suites is perfectly situated for immersing yourself in the authentic local lifestyle, enjoying the city’s rich gastronomy, culture and leisure. Everything is within short walking distance and, as our guest, you will be strolling down lush avenues and exploring winding streets and bustling squares on a daily basis. Soon enough you will be doing what the locals do best; people watching, enjoying food and wine, art, music, cinema and many other cultural pleasures. At Palma Suites you can live like a local whenever you like.

Your second home awaits you here, in the heart of Palma.

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Plaza Mercadal 8
07002 Palma de Mallorca
Baleares – Mallorca

TEL: +34 971 727 900

FAX: +34 971 727 901

E-MAIL: info@palma-suites.com

SKYPE: Palmasuitesreception

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Airport de Son Sant Joan – situated just 8 km east of the city centre, is one of the busiest airports in Europe during the summer season.

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